Boost Your Creativity: The Basics Of Web Design

Boost Your Creativity: The Basics Of Web Design

Starting a business is not an easy job and as a business owner, knowing the importance of a visible online presence should be on your checklist to improve your overall strategy. You need to have a racket content marketing strategy while conveying your company’s message to every possible customer out there. One feature of this message is to create an outstanding website design. Not flooding your homepage with GIF (or memes) for “potential” traffic. You need a professional identity, a well-established brand and an ability to show your potential customers why they should choose you. Wrapping this into website design is hard. Fret not, take a look at the basics that will surely boost your inner creativity and help make a big difference in your online presence.


Make it intuitive as possible

Your website design should make it easy for any visitors to browse. You don’t want customers searching around your homepage trying to locate your contact details; make it simple, place your details above the fold. It’s crucial that you have easy-to-access menus on each page. Ideally, they should be in the same spot – frozen on the page. There’s nothing more horrifying than a customer filling their basket only to be confused where they should check out. After less than a minute, they might get frustrated and go elsewhere.


Branding your website

You don’t need to use every color on the color wheel to create a stunning website. Think about your logo, the font, color, and style, use this as the theme of your site. Simplicity is beauty! You want to exude professionalism. Check out The Fab Lab for a quality, simple design. Ideally, your company name should be in your web address, this also depends on what you’re niche is. If you’re struggling to find an available domain, you can explore expired ones with PBN Domains. This site will give you tons of high ranking domains that are of high quality even if they have been previously used. A catchy and memorable website address is vital in securing traffic on your site, just be sure it’s relevant! John from agreed “branding is everything when building your site, you want something people will remember.”


Useful articles and links

Use your website not only as a platform to sell your goods but also a source of useful tips and guides, in this way, you are creating a that has more purpose for your visitors. Be sure to post regularly with readable and informative contents. Also, do the same for your social media channels. You are engaging traffic with your company, this will make you feel more confident as a business entity.

Getting the basics of a website is not only what layout, images and font size you use. You need to engage in SEO strategies, use your knowledge for keywords and understand your customers base so that you can cater to their wants and needs. By launching an outstanding website, you are showing off how great your brand is and enhancing not only your online presence, but also yourself as a professional.

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