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Search Marketing London
We are a London based web design agency working with businesses based in and around the London area.

Initial Consultation
Our first step towards helping you to make the most of your SEO campaign is to provide you with a detailed consultation. The main objective of SEO is to boost the authority of your domain and page rank in the search engines. In order to rank well, we need to analyse what the search engines want and then look at the ways in which we can provide them with it.

On Page Optimisation
Another way to improve your SEO is to assess whether your published pages have been sufficiently indexed by the search engines. We will look at factors such as HTML code, meta-tags, alt-tags, page loading times and keyword placement / density.
It is important that your published pages are working to their absolute optimum to ensure you have the best opportunity to rank higher than your competition.

Link Building
Link building is an essential factor for a successful SEO campaign. A link from an authoritative website such as the BBC will help your ranking on Google. This is because a link from a respectable website is seen as a ‘vote’ which passes some of their authority onto your website.
By collecting many hundreds of these quality links over a period of time, you will see a significant increase in your rankings. If however you were to get 10,000 links from low quality link farms, this would have a negative effect on your website.

SEO Optimised Content
Want Google and other search engines to promote your website? Then you’ll need copy that has key search terms for your product or service woven into the text to bring up your website ranking. This is not a case of ‘key-word stuffing’ but of knowing which words, terms and phrases will most successfully connect customers with your particular service and brand. The best copy is a fine balance between intriguing and SE-optimised language.

SEO Reports
We send out in depth monthly SEO reports that shows how your marketing campaigns are performing.

As with all our SEO campaigns, we provide clients with monthly reports. The ranking report shows your placement on Google, Yahoo & Bing for specific keywords along with your historical ranking progression. The backlink report will show all of your backlinks along with factors such as domain and page rank which demonstrates that the links we gain are quality links. The website audit report will scan your website for errors and produce a report on the structure of your website which includes details of any broken links or invalid HTML code.

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